The Log is a multipurpose space which serves as:

  • A digital sketchbook that encompasses works in progress, sketches, shitposty doodles, and completed work.
  • A journal for updates regarding the website and the admin’s going-ons.
  • A repository for essays and long form thoughts about anything and nothing in particular.

Reflecting on some art things this morning, namely the feeling of losing a lot of inspiration for a number of reasons, and on the flip side, remembering and reigniting those areas of passion.

Random thoughts in no particular order:

1.) Transient nature of sharing work on the web. Thoughts about how art is “permanent” and yet kind of has an expiry after the initial few days. Not even from a sharing viewpoint — from artists I admire greatly and whose work I’d want to dedicate a museum of inspiration to.

2.) The influences and peers who all grew up (as we must) and no longer have the same bandwidth to dedicate to creating work. A natural course of events but it feels both lonely and heartwarming to reflect on those times, especially when applying it to the self.

3.) Uncertainty about one’s personal creative voice. 2021 was a pretty tumultuous year, several major life events occurred that made me stop to reflect on what I was doing. Amusingly enough, it isn’t as debilitating as I expected to slow down on creating art. Probably a long time coming to pump the breaks for a bit.

4.) On the topic of a museum of inspiration, actually slowing down to dig out the old art that truly hit the brain in the right place, that got me fired up to art. Accepting some kind of weird generational niche and zone of comfort, when it comes to the more intrinsic, personal, “primordial” self-expression. Laughing that we really are the byproducts of our own generations, of a brief flash of time, and props to anyone willing to exert the energy to transcend that.

5.) Realizing I myself need to actually archive my own work in a more organized manner to force myself to review my progress, but to also continue to grow comfortable with the self. Something about creating and existing and something about shame. Probably something to unpack at some point.

6.) Kung Fu Panda (lol)

7.) The last movies I’ve watched, all of them incidentally rewatches but felt damn good: Kung Fu Panda, Mad Max: Fury Road, Fantastic Mr Fox