HAZARDSIGNS serves as a digital playground removed from the environments of SNS for sharing things I make and things I love. This primarily involves art, music, comics, and smashing rocks together to build some semblance of a website. Take a look around and hopefully you'll find something cool to explore today.


I'm an artist and a generalist who draws because it's fun (most of the time) and I want to get better at it. Outside of that, my interests include mahjong, rock climbing, over-the-top crime fiction, rhythm games, eating breakfast, and electronic music.

You can reach me at admin(@)hazardsigns.net. I will likely not respond, or not respond consistently in the rare chance that I do, but please know that I appreciate the gesture.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the web.

- hazardsigns


HAZARDSIGNS.net is hand coded with "love", AKA cobbled together using what I've learned primarily from self-experimentation and a healthy side of W3Schools. A fair deal of the more complicated stuff is code heavily Frankensteined from all over the net that somehow hasn't fallen apart yet.

As such, I'd like to give a large shout-out to slwulf for providing a code for simple pagination which is used on the MICROBLOG page, Emma Essex whose personal web page HECKSCAPER provided a lot of animation inspiration and helped me understand how the heck IDs even work, Bikobatanari whose code first introduced the concept of "before" and "after" to me among other things, Melonking whose site taught me not to fear the iFrame, and kradeelav for just being completely unafraid to get raw on the world wide web whilst doing it stylishly.