Artist & generalist. I draw because it’s fun (most of the time) and I want to get better at it. My current handle is hazardsigns, though I have gone through a number of other handles during my time online, and suspect I will go through many more yet.

This site serves as a digital sketchbook, an archive and showcase of completed works (temporarily under maintenance), and a library to share favorite electronic tunes. On my end, it was created to make archiving work and sharing thoughts as frictionless as possible without overthinking things. It is also intended to serve as a personal home page for me to build and grow for fun. It is my hope that those who stumble upon this site are those who wish to keep up with what I am drawing, those looking for something new to listen to, or lurkers doing their lurk thing, to whom I raise my glass to.

A single picture that captures the webmaster’s entire personality.

I often find most manners of social exchange to be well-meaning yet draining in an online space, which makes putting up an email a bit of a moot point. Nevertheless, I can potentially be reached at admin(@) I will read letters that come across my virtual desk, but please assume I will not have the facilities to respond consistently if at all.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the web.

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The Colbert Questionert (“15 questions to cover the full spectrum of human experience”)

Best sandwich?

Grilled cheese.

What’s one thing you own that you really should throw out?

Old clothes from when I was a teen that I will never wear again.

What is the scariest animal?

Humans (#edgy)

Apples or oranges?

Apples. I eat one daily.

Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?

I have only ever asked other artists and writers to sign copies of their work, if that counts.

What do you think happens when we die?

Less of what I think and more of what I hope; a dreamless, eternal sleep.

Favorite action movie?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day. You literally can’t go wrong with a movie about time travel, stopping the apocalypse, tear-jerker parent-child relationships, and a killer robot gone dad.

Favorite smell?

Coffee despite no longer drinking it.

Least favorite smell?

Bath and Body Works Stores.

Exercise: worth it?

An emphatic yes. Perhaps it goes without saying, but for those who are also primarily deskbound, exercise is probably the most important and grounding thing you can do for your mental and physical health. I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to get up and take even just a ten minute walk around the block.

Flat or sparkling?


Most used app on your phone?


You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life: what is it?

David Hasselhoff’s rendition of Hooked On A Feeling

What number am I thinking of?


Describe the rest of your life in 5 words?

A meandering stroll into night.


Who even is hazardsigns? Maybe this page will tell you.