• It’s entirely possible the site will crash tomorrow due to some technical failures, but today marks the anniversary of launching this site. So to commemorate, a quick drawing (the most ostentatiously saccharine thing I’ve drawn in a while LOL).

    Thank you for visiting this little corner of the web ^^

  • Missed doing hard lineart and cel-shading. The last year has been a lot of experimenting and floundering outside the comfort zone, so it’s always reassuring to fall back on the kind of work that doesn’t take as much brainpower.


  • I won’t even deny any accusations that my Monster Hunter Rise character is just a very fast and loose expy (LOL).

    The armor in this game is so much fun to look at and draw.

  • Studies from episode 29.

    A personal favorite aspect of the 2008 anime is…when Duke’s frown just looks like a pout (laughs). It’s still hard to capture his appearance of always “looking at something far away”, but there are just a lot of proportions that are hard to get just right…

  • I’d like to take a second crack at ol’ Hans Jurgens again later (that was apparently his name in the novelization lol). I honestly still haven’t gotten over how outrageously cool this storyline is. I don’t think I ever will!

    The most challenging part was…the eyebrows. They’re…always longer than expected.

  • Everyone’s favorite incredibly harassed gunsmith, Dave McCartney. The idea was to do two studies and then one personal take for each version (2008 anime version, Gunsmith Dave version). Notably, getting the eyes the right size is the hardest part…they’re always smaller than expected.

    For the anime version, different board artists render Dave a little differently, so in some he’s soft and mascot-y, and in others he’s a bit more realistic. For my self-take, I tried to meet both halfway.

    Dave in Gunsmith Dave is a lot more…expressive. Actually, it’s nice to see him a bit more relaxed and in his element when he’s not being bullied by Duke.

  • *throws another WIP onto the campfire*

  • The only resolution I truly have for the New Years is to learn how to draw an M16A2 properly. The artists for both the manga and the anime make it look so easy…

  • While I finished just about next to nothing in 2022, making art was a much calmer and happier affair. A lot of time was spent experimenting, which was a much needed breath of fresh air to get out of the comfort zone… Although as you can probably see from the favorite piece, I am ultimately still a sucker for “stark lineart and cel shading on white background, bonus points if it’s a person in a suit with chronic RBF”. Some old predilections…will probably never die LOL.

    Not certain what 2023 holds, but I will probably try to become even more of degenerate. Please believe in me.

  • Someone mentioned in a review of the Golgo 13 anime that if the series were to somehow ever get a(n unlikely) reboot, they’d love to see it in a style akin to Black Dynamite, which immediately made me think of Redline (2009) or Gurren Lagann eyecatches. And you know what? That reviewer was 100% right. Take the hardboiled egg that is the series as a concept, and boil it again: I’ll still eat it.