• Always going to just fill out memes I’m interested in when I see em.

    Original template here.

  • I recently ate a hot dog wrapped in bacon at a baseball game, and I suspect I came back wrong.

  • When asked by reporters: “So you have no qualms about punching other players”, Cigar of the Calmoria-Timoria Athletic Blue Jays responded “I have no qualms if they are attempting to steal a base. Baseball may have its rules, but the laws of a nation are there for a reason. Theft is not condoned in 49 of Union states, including Confluence. Bellevan keeps trying it though.”

    The postgame interview was briefly interrupted by Tracey Bellevan of the Confluence-Winnica Cub Brewers, who yelled “And I would do it again just to get a faceful of your fist,” to which Cigar forlornly concluded “Please ignore Bellevan. She is deeply unwell.”

    Tracey Bellevan could not be reached for additional comment as she climbed into the stands to menace fans who had not left the stadium upon the game’s conclusion.

    Baseball in my everything. I don’t even care anymore.

    I’d love to draw Tracey and Cigar beating the absolute piss out of each other more often. It’s clobbering time.

    As I mentally promised to myself, Cigar in an Athletics uniform. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. At some point I’ll sketch Tracey nicely in a Brewers uniform. It’s nice that they have a subdued navy.

  • I Am Going To Create An Environment Too Many WIPS That Is So Toxic Baseball

    I was watching the Twins vs Brewers game today and upon seeing the Brewers Barrelman, realized I made a horrible mistake in assuming Tracey’s MLB team was the Cubs. She is 100% the Milwaukee Brewers, which checks out since [REDACTED].

    I’m not actually positive if Cigar would be the Toronto Blue Jays or the Oakland Athletics. Toronto Blue Jays makes more sense because it plays with the idea of being an ‘odd one out’ (being the only Canadian team in the MLB), but…the A’s are such perfect, depressingly pathetic meme material this season, which is also exactly how I view Cigar as a character at all times.

    Unfortunately I hate the way the A’s uniform looks, so he’s a Blue Jay for now.

  • Yeah I…predictably want to make a proper illustration of these absolutely ostentatiously bold uniforms. Look…they’re good. Give me the 90’s Taco Bell vibes or give me death.

  • Wrapping up the companion piece to “MONTE BIANCO”.

  • SD Padres City Connect Uniform Haters are incredibly asleep

  • PLAY LIKE IT’S 2003

    Making fanart for a 20 year old game because I will never stop caring about how broken young Randy Johnson is — and rightfully so. Incidentally, Randy Johnson was probably the first MLB player I ever paid attention to because of Backyard Baseball.

    I wanted to also draw young Ichiro…I’ve recently started looking into his MLB career, and it’s pretty incredible. He’s got a badass pre-batting ritual, and has some really berserk outfield plays.

    Both Ichiro and Johnson wore the 51 uniform number during their individual times playing for the Seattle Mariners, a fact I find incredibly cool.

  • Been feeling really rusty as an artist lately, so I went to a life drawing session on a whim. And well. I haven’t felt more in touch with “being an artist” in a while, so call that a success. It was a pretty large time commitment, but I’d like to do it again. Felt good to just…draw and not think too hard.

  • What really throws me these days is…my last art entry, aka when I first started this piece, was posted only a little less than a month ago. It feels like so much longer! Somehow, that makes me feel a little better than I did before realizing that.

    I was frustrated first at how long this piece was taking me. I’ve been working on it on-and-off for only a few minutes every now and then when I have time for the last month, which has been busier than usual. The slow pace means I have a lot of opportunities to second-guess the composition, style, and basically the everything. But I’m going to try my hardest not to orphan this piece like I have for so many others, because I really do think it’s a cool subject and I like the characters a lot. Anyways, I’m going to try to enjoy the process as much as I can.