• Who doesn’t want two perpetually frowning assassins with numbers in their names to fight to the death (or go to a Del Taco, whichever one it is that professionals do when they meet eyes).

    I started a large number of works in progress this month, and things are coming along in a way that feels really good right now. This one is the most recent since I’ve been watching and playing some Hitman. I wanted to punch out the general idea while I still had the hype, so the sketch overall came together quickly. I suspect the actual rendering will take a lot longer, considering the other works I might want to tend to.

    As for who would win, I genuinely think it’s a tossup. Duke has points in that he is comedically overpowered by virtue of the number of situations and wild opponents he’s encountered and always overcome, and 47 is comedically overpowered with regards to somehow managing to fool everyone into thinking he’s someone else with paper-thin disguises and a prominent barcode on the back of his head, so…

    Yeah, it’s a tossup. I’d like to think they’d probably find a very dry laugh in assessing each other’s occasionally unorthodox methods of execution though.

  • Golgo 13 scratches the specific itch that I have about wanting to read/watch/write something with an enormous revolving-door cast of characters, the revolving door being a given because the cast is constantly being killed by the MC…

    But it does mean characters I enjoyed only appear once, so I want to draw them in other situations too, LOL.

  • Episode 627: You can see an AI assistant that speaks too familiarly, and also see that Duke probably put some degree of thought into his pseudonym/username only to be pestered insistently about it.

  • It’s entirely possible the site will crash tomorrow due to some technical failures, but today marks the anniversary of launching this site. So to commemorate, a quick drawing (the most ostentatiously saccharine thing I’ve drawn in a while LOL).

    Thank you for visiting this little corner of the web ^^

  • Missed doing hard lineart and cel-shading. The last year has been a lot of experimenting and floundering outside the comfort zone, so it’s always reassuring to fall back on the kind of work that doesn’t take as much brainpower.


  • I won’t even deny any accusations that my Monster Hunter Rise character is just a very fast and loose expy (LOL).

    The armor in this game is so much fun to look at and draw.

  • Studies from episode 29.

    A personal favorite aspect of the 2008 anime is…when Duke’s frown just looks like a pout (laughs). It’s still hard to capture his appearance of always “looking at something far away”, but there are just a lot of proportions that are hard to get just right…

  • I’d like to take a second crack at ol’ Hans Jurgens again later (that was apparently his name in the novelization lol). I honestly still haven’t gotten over how outrageously cool this storyline is. I don’t think I ever will!

    The most challenging part was…the eyebrows. They’re…always longer than expected.