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dustbowl 3030

Car gijinka scribbles of three cars I’ve used as daily drivers LOL.

Additional Context: born from a random thought about “in the year 2020, a global dust storm of unprecedented magnitude forces humanity underground where they remain until 3030, when the first human expeditions resurface to find the few remnants of cars have become sentient and now populate the surface in a weird west style setting, the soundtrack would be deltron 3030 even though it has nothing to do with the plot or setting other than the year,”

Additional Additional Context: “try to give more people car brain rot”

NR13 (Enerie) probably has my favorite design for several reasons (fun sleeves, crab claw fingers, kind of buggy looking, wack-ass teeth situation, crazy scrap metal horns, “hair” extensions that absolutely defy the laws of any known world, a metal “goatee” for intimidation that is not a goatee, and just generally looking like a mess.) Whereas Chester tries to look human and 03 is too fixated on being a practical gardener/zookeeper, Ene…really embraces Car Heritage to an extreme.

Ene is a “formula one racer but at what cost”. They are clearly not a racing vehicle but they do it anyways because they love it, maybe even too much. I truly fancy the idea that Formula 1 has somehow…survived through the hellpocalypse and lives on in the new car culture as either one of the most ascended activities, or just utter unrecognizable anarchy.