The Log is a multipurpose space which serves as:

  • A digital sketchbook that encompasses works in progress, sketches, shitposty doodles, and completed work.
  • A journal for updates regarding the website and the admin’s going-ons.
  • A repository for essays and long form thoughts about anything and nothing in particular.
  • Optimization & Post Purge

    Working on optimizing images; image loading times have always been an issue for this site, so these fixes ideally will help.

    I’d like to rethink the entire log structure, which means potentially purging some posts, if things end up going the way I’m hoping it might.

    I consider this site to be pretty transient when it comes to “content”, since it serves primarily as a sketchbook, but I figure it would be fairer to give a warning in the meantime.

    Moving forward, I’m hoping to create a quick updates/journal section for this site, and most posts relating to that will end up there. We’ll see!

  • soundlounge/site 2.0 cont

    The dream…is steadily becoming alive on the SoundLounge. Very happy with the results so far ^^

    The SoundLounge tends to be the guinea pig these days, particularly because it’s more “removed” from personal work.

    • Found a good way to copy a consistent layout across all pages, the best part is it will also copy easily (hypothetically) to the other sites 🙂
    • Responsive layouts!! They are still a little funky here and there but considerably improved, in my experience.
    • New layouts for entry pages so the columns don’t freak out.
    • Need to start thinking about how to wrestle flexbox into submission within WP, the logistics of which…idfk. It’s so much easier in plain HTML/CSS but now we’ve got this…medium to work in lol.
  • ToF_3

    Practicing wrist posture for this one; the going is sloooow.

    It’s…September??? Gotta find some time for birds.

  • TOF_Tracey 2

    Recently got Zero’s Negating Cube and it’s deeeefinitely a Twacey Style.

  • August Exorcisms 8

    The international man of mystery in that I still have zero idea how to draw his stupid mug.



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