2022 Artist Wrapped Meme

While I finished just about next to nothing in 2022, making art was a much calmer and happier affair. A lot of time was spent experimenting, which was a much needed breath of fresh air to get out of the comfort zone… Although as you can probably see from the favorite piece, I am ultimately still a sucker for “stark lineart and cel shading on white background, bonus points if it’s a person in a suit with chronic RBF”. Some old predilections…will probably never die LOL.

Not certain what 2023 holds, but I will probably try to become even more of degenerate. Please believe in me.

Spent the better half of the final day of 2022 cleaning up, and then the better half of the first day of 2023 reorganizing. A tower and tablet takes up about 50% of the work desk space, so it’s hard to have “motivational things” on display. Fortunately the new adjustments to my room configuration lets me be threatened from the comfort of my desk. “Embrace violence” is the joking motto that came up at the New Years Eve party I attended, so I like to think I am doing my best to honor that sentiment.

Would it be wrong to get one more of the same Figma (as a treat).

If there is one last thing I would like to keep in mind going into the new year, it is something a friend of mine shared: “Process, People, and Product”. These three words also are used (unsurprisingly) in business, but the context my friend was using this in is more in line with personal metrics and…well, just being a human being.

In our society, we often celebrate success by virtue of “products” — what can be offered to others. But success can also take on other intangible forms: the joy of the process, or the relationships built and time spent with others. These are facets that might not traditionally be thought of as markers of success, but are nevertheless meaningful and deeply integral to our lives.

Admin, paraphrasing as best as possible.

It’s…obvious when I hear it, but it is also easy to forget. It is a nice reminder to have that the concept of “success” can take on forms beyond a “thing” that can be “offered” for consumption. I think ultimately, trying to be ok with vulnerability, cultivating closer relationships with the people around me, and continuing to find fulfillment in rediscovering my process are the benchmarks of “success” I’d like to continue pursuing in 2023.