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  • OC Memes Part 1

    Been taking a break for the end of August to wrap up some business. Hearkening back to the days where we’d just answer meme prompts vs waiting to be asked, I’ve filled out a series of prompts found on Tumblr after the jump.

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  • Exorcisms – August Roundup

    Cutting this month into a half in case I lose steam the second half (honestly counting on it, balancing work-life-fun-personal art gets harder every year).

    That said: pretty happy with how things have been going so far. This month has been a focus on studying old anime I’ve enjoyed, watching media I had a feeling I’d like but had kept putting off, and getting sucked into MMORPG hell.

    Also been taking the time to actively study more in the background, trying to reabsorb knowledge I glossed over the first time.

    Favorite so far this month is a doozy. It’s a toss-up between the Rocco studies and Tracey Embracing Violence in ToF.


  • August Exorcisms 7

  • August Exorcisms 6



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