The Log is a multipurpose space which serves as:

  • A digital sketchbook that encompasses works in progress, sketches, shitposty doodles, and completed work.
  • A journal for updates regarding the website and the admin’s going-ons.
  • A repository for essays and long form thoughts about anything and nothing in particular.
  • Sketchbook 22.7.18

    Elriyah… Elriah… Elryiah… Elriyah??? Guy’s gone through so many different spellings of his name. It’s probably Elriyah. One of the oldest conceptualized characters bouncing in the brainspace, still a fave because: 1.) tired 2.) annoyed 3.) lowkey awaiting death.

    So yeah, checks off every box.

  • Sketchbook 22.7.17 pt 2

    Furious little man with incredible hair.

  • Sketchbook 22.7.17

    Twacey and a Bird Rocco because best dad and birds.

    Got some “new” markers for this occasion on the cheap at an off-price department store lol, lots of fun colors to work with in this one.

    Traditional’s always fun because it’s more conducive to avoiding overthinking/perfectionist brain, but it’s been a long while, so. We’ll see what happens lol; ideally I’d like to finally finish up this sketchbook.

  • bopsobket

    Tracey is just being a sore loser. It is likely she already beat him at least twenty times before whatever this is.

  • Wild Card #1

    End of a work week seems a good time as any for sharing/reflecting on some old stuff that’s worth a personal chuckle or smile.

    This unironic joke put together during the start of the pandemic.

    A rare tangos that was orphaned; Tracey making her own life terrible as usual. Cigar wears a frilly apron, again.

    Honest and unwilling to exert any more brainpower than is necessary/is capable of.

    Past self would be proud to discover how many wilderness sabbaticals have occurred since this sketch. (Okay, it was just one major one, but a DAMN good one.)



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