Exorcisms – July Roundup

Exorcisms is an informal-ongoing-personal-exercise in:

  1. Attempting once more to unlearn some bad or unhealthy artistic habits.
  2. Revisiting old work that hasn’t been looked at in…a long time.
  3. Making daily or more frequent drawing a part of the routine.
  4. Not focusing as much on completion, but on output and “draftsmanship” if possible.

Overall it’s been a lot of fun, and so far it’s helped a lot with the paralysis of facing an empty canvas. Some sketches took on completely new life, while others allowed me to really come to grips with personal progress.

I would say the Wallet sketches are probably my favorite from this month. He’s an underrated character that always makes me laugh at his general ineffectiveness. Sometimes he has his moments of triumph and being a competent, callous jackass, but throughout his life, a lot of shit never seems to land right for him.

Him and Cigar, really, are notable for being guys who have both tried to control or handle things in their own fashions, and both have just had things explode spectacularly in their faces. It’s hard not to be delighted by it. It’s a penchant!

Ideally these will continue to shake off some rust. Hoping it will eventually help unearth some personal insights towards the craft.