📌 Now I Am Become Web Development, Destroyer of Worlds

TL;DR: Gallery is temporarily closed for maintenance.

Long Version: During initial forays into personal web dev, I tried to keep things as basic/lightweight as possible with just HTML & CSS. This had its own share of advantages and disadvantages, though the disadvantages eventually outweighed what I was trying to achieve with regards to the sheer amount of stuff that was being shared. Moving to a CMS has been helpful for managing the kind of work and updates pushed to this site, but the bloat and occasional limitations have also gradually become incredibly difficult to ignore.

This is a long way of saying that, in the interim, I have closed the Gallery for maintenance. I suspect it will be the primary guinea pig for whatever I end up doing with regards to…*gesticulates inarticulately with hands*

Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. The first order of business is to fix some of the images (WP is…so bad about generating billions of extra sizes, so there was some nuking of files involved), whereupon I expect to have that section of the site reopened. However, any in-depth changes regarding structure will probably have to wait until mid-2023.