Weirdly Specific Artist Ask Game/Meme

Snagged this ask game/meme courtesy of kradeelav who snagged it off Tumblr. Seconding krad that “any artists here/who see this are automatically welcome to take and run with it too”…bring back filling out memes unprompted LOL

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Art programs you have but don’t use

I have a copy of Medibang, but I no longer use it.

Adobe Photoshop has also long since been my mainstay, but I have gradually phasing it out for CLIP Studio Paint. PS does remain the post-processor of choice, so I suppose it will not count for this answer.

Is it easier to draw someone facing left or right (or forward even)

Left? I have never really thought about this.

What ideas come from when you were little

Haha depends on how little we are talking. None of my ideas from 10 and younger have lasted to my current age, but quite a few of works from when I was a teen are still intact, though most are in the backburner.

Fav character/subject that’s a bitch to draw

Stares directly into camera

Estimate of how much of your art you post online vs. the art you keep for yourself

I would say a vast majority ends up online, save for maybe 15% of really crumbly doodles or things not meant for mass consumption. The function/intent of a social platform vs a personal space has definitely changed my approach to posting here though. A lot more WIPs and rough ideas these days.

Anything that might inspire you subconsciously (i.e. this horse wasn’t supposed to look like the Last Unicorn but I see it)

I am not sure how to answer this question because I would not notice this.

EDIT, 2023: I can now confidently say up until November 2022 I had never seen or heard of Takao Saito’s incredibly prolific Golgo 13, but I could one hundred percent see people looking at it and then rightfully make fun of me relentlessly.

To which I respond: I only wish I could have made a character even a quarter as cool as Duke Togo.

A medium of art you don’t work in but appreciate

Probably animation. I have always admired the ability to capture a character’ essence in so few lines and colors, and have often tried very hard to emulate that with mixed success.

What’s an old project idea that you’ve lost interest in

Probably Infinitum…it was always meant to be a fantasy deconstruction, but fantasy as a genre has never been my favorite, so it is hard to think about it.

What are your file name conventions

These days for sketch work it’s MM-DD-YY. Other than that it’s the wild west. I used to be better about it.

Favorite piece of clothing to draw

Suits…if only they were not so hard to draw though. Shoes are a close second.

Do you listen to anything while drawing? If so, what

I always listen to music, typically something energetic. Rotates between electronic music, hip hop/rap, classic rock, and general pop music.

Easiest part of body to draw

Joke’s on you I don’t think anything is easy to draw LOL

A creator who you admire but whose work isn’t your thing

I can’t think of one…

Any favorite motifs

Birds, cities, checkerboard floors, smoke, trains. I could go on, but those are the first that come to mind.

*Where* do you draw (don’t drop your ip address this just means do you doodle at a park or smth)

My desk. I have tried to be an on-the-go artist many times but it turns out I really just enjoy the privacy of my own “studio” space.

Something you are good at but don’t really have fun doing

Hngh…action poses and expressive faces, I think. I might have just done these too many times. These days, I wish I were better at subtle poses and expressions.

Do you eat/drink when drawing? if so, what

I drink a lot of hot water while I draw. It used to be something like chai or coffee, but I am trying to no longer rely on caffeine to power through things. Stay hydrated!

An estimate of how much art supplies you’ve broken

Nothing of consequence (the only one I recall is a piece of extra-hard charcoal I snapped in two during life drawing because I had terrible grip issues at one point).

Favorite inanimate objects to draw (food, nature, etc.)

Buildings and…c…car…??

Something everyone else finds hard to draw but you enjoy

Hard to say because I do not know what people find hard to draw that I do not also find hard to draw. Frumpy old man??? LOL

Art styles nothing like your own but you like anyways

Futurism and art deco. I also really enjoy the works of Kenton Nelson.

What physical exercises do you do before drawing, if any

Not before drawing, but I try to take a break to walk after several hours of drawing. Lots of stretching in-between, sometimes a workout if there is time.

Do you use different layer modes


Do your references include stock images


Something your art has been compared to that you were NOT inspired by

Someone once compared my work to Ace Attorney. I have never played an Ace Attorney game, nor have I paid much attention to the series, but I hear it is very good.

What’s a piece that got a wildly different interpretation from what you intended

Can’t think of one.

Do you warm up before getting to the good stuff? If so, what is it you draw to warm up with

I am trying to incorporate studying more on weekends rather than doing easier art “completion” work that I can do on weekdays. It is usually studies of the human figure in 3D.

Any art events you have participated in the past (like zines)

Quite a few at one point, though not anymore so far.

Media you love, but doesn’t inspire you artistically

Hard to say.

What piece of yours do you think is underrated

LOL Tracey and Cigar as birbs going to WcDondies