I've been an avid fan of electronic music since I was first introduced to the genre via Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (hence why three of my top all-time faves are from the DDR franchise). As such, the SOUNDLOUNGE is intended to serve as a virtual library and a spot to share some of these songs with anyone remotely interested in electronic music.

Genre-wise, my inclination is towards drum & bass, breakcore, dubstep/bass, and jungle, though the selection within is certainly not limited to these.

"Longtime visitors" might remember a different format for the SoundLounge. The site "archive" can still be visited here, but it will eventually be converted to a proper library here...key word being eventually.


Visages - Lunar Eclipse

Deep, dark, rap-heavy bass with a thrilling bpm switch.

Noisia - Tentacles

A festering, infectious track with quirky sound design (read: cowbells).

DJ Taka - Kakumei

Chopin's Revolutionary Etude reimagined as a club banger.

180 - Paranoia

The OG of boss songs that spawned an unforgettable series.

TaQ - Holic

Darkly futuristic with memorably unique time signature switches.

Pendulum - Slam

This iconic track is nothing without its intro, actually.