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  • Had so many dreams for September, but some wrist pains caused by…clicking a mouse too much in Illustrator and XD??? and some general back pains caused by a poor work setup have put those plans back quite a bit. Honestly surprised it’s only been 15 days since I put myself on break, it feels like way longer.

    Started working on a better ergonomic setup after that bit of annoying wake-up call. It can be hard, as a chronic penny-pinching cheapskate, but it’s one of those things you know you can’t keep bouncing back from like a teenager anymore. Waiting to hear if W*com releases some new tablets for the end of the year (hate them, but their products are damn sturdy), but a replacement for the ol’ tablet is definitely in the works. Can’t keep drawing on a 13HD forever (I think this thing has got to be at least 8 years old now, and god does it run hot.)

    Long way of saying extended hiatus until then, but hopefully will bounce back come December or early next year. In the meantime, been watching a playthrough of Mass Effect again (getting emo about aliens) and pouring a lot of time into a personal DAoL wiki. Extended break isn’t a terrible thing, especially since the dulled compulsion to draw is giving some time for writing (and planning vacations), but I won’t deny that it isn’t a little annoying lol.

  • ToF_3

    Practicing wrist posture for this one; the going is sloooow.

    It’s…September??? Gotta find some time for birds.

  • TOF_Tracey 2

    Recently got Zero’s Negating Cube and it’s deeeefinitely a Twacey Style.


  • Jokingly, Demonhearted would chronologically take place many centuries after Infinitum, which is probably why Darien’s boots keep unintentionally ending up white-in-the-style-of-Luvaria.

    (Jokingly, A Definitive Authority on Larelten would chronologically take place hundreds of centuries after Demonhearted, which is why everyone in Larelten has a terrible sense of fashion.)

  • Sketchbook 22.7.17

    Twacey and a Bird Rocco because best dad and birds.

    Got some “new” markers for this occasion on the cheap at an off-price department store lol, lots of fun colors to work with in this one.

    Traditional’s always fun because it’s more conducive to avoiding overthinking/perfectionist brain, but it’s been a long while, so. We’ll see what happens lol; ideally I’d like to finally finish up this sketchbook.

  • bopsobket

    Tracey is just being a sore loser. It is likely she already beat him at least twenty times before whatever this is.

  • Some kind of aggressive palette cleanser to shake things up again.